The Agency for Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education presented the document “Quality Standards for Preschool Institutions Services” during the XXII Professional Meeting of Preschool Workers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, held 10 – 12 May 2024.
Thanks to the invitation of the organizer, the Association of Educational Employees of Preschool Institutions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Agency representative had the opportunity to inform professional public on aforementioned document, i.e. on quality framework and on the guidelines for establishing and developing the quality of organized preschool education in Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with quality standards.
Relying on the Recommendations of the Council of the European Union on high-quality systems of early and preschool upbringing and education, the Quality Standards for Preschool Institutions Services is defined as a complete, broad framework of quality, which includes six thematic units, key areas of activity in realizing the social function of preschool institutions and constant improvement of quality: Environment, Curriculum, Staff, Building partnerships with families and the local community, Management, leadership and funding, and Monitoring and evaluation.
Quality standards are primarily intended for professionals in the field of preschool upbringing and education and represent inspiration for the path and direction that should be followed in order to improve the quality of preschool upbringing and education.
Given that the professional meetings of preschool workers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were attended by about 200 educational workers from preschool institutions, the event was an excellent opportunity to familiarize the public with the above-mentioned document.