The first working meeting of the project “Implementation of the EU Program for Adult Education” was held on June 11 and 12, 2018 in Banja Luka. The meeting brought together 30 representatives of the various institutions and organizations dealing with adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to hear several interesting presentations on the topic of adult life skills. Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Dr Miomir Despotović, spoke on the topic: “Skills of Adults – The Key to Economic and Social Development” and “The Models for Development the Life Skills”. Ms. Almira Ezić, Head of the Department for Adult Education and Traffic Education of the Una-Sana Canton Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and Ms. Mina Hajdarević, representative of the Astra-Zvijezda Association from Bihać, presented: “Adult Education in the Una-Sana Canton, Shortcomings and Challenges “, while Ms. Višnja Kojić, the director of the SSC” Gemit Apeiron “, spoke about the entrepreneurial skills of the adults.

This project cycle will be focused on promoting the concept of basic skills and developing a model for training the adults in basic skills. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, created were several models, but they were discarded. The concept of basic skills is focused on the adult’s life skills as well as on the basic language, social, civic and entrepreneurial skills.