The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education of BiH, as a local partner of the EQET SEE VET project, has started the development of occupational standards for the profession of agricultural technician.

Methodologically, the project is implemented successively through activities at the local level (individual state level) and joint activities of six economies at the regional level. The overall activities at all stages of the development of standards for Bosnia and Herzegovina are coordinated by the Agency.

The Expert Working Group for BiH is tasked to develop a preliminary proposal of standards, which will be harmonized at the regional level with the proposals of standards of other participating countries in the project and then completed at the final meeting of the working group for BiH.

Upon elaborating the methodological steps and successfully completing the preparation phase, the Agency began with the development process and now the standards are being created. There were two meetings/workshops of the working group to date. The plan is to develop preliminary occupational standards for agricultural technician (in the form required for regional harmonization) by the end of April 2022.

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