The second module of a pilot training on “Media Literacy Competency Framework” was held on May 12, organised by Tempus Foundation and EPALE National support team Serbia. The training was implemented as a part of regional cooperation on the development of the “Media Literacy Competence Framework”, which was created by experts from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

After the first training organized by the EPALE National support team from Croatia, that was held in Split in February this year, the second training on “The influence of media content on the formation of personal and social values” was held in Belgrade. Two experts in the field of media and communication, Ana Mirković and Maja Zarić, developed the concept and the content for the second module and designed the pilot training for this module. Thirty ALE practitioners from the region and representatives of NSS EPALE teams from the five region countries participated in the training.

Some of the main topics discussed during the training were related to the understanding of media content and media messages, that is, the interpretation and evaluation of different media content that directly and indirectly influences the attitude, behaviour and comprehension of the audience.