The International assessments TIMSS 2023 and ICILS 2023 have been administered in schools at the end of the school year. Hence, 3508 students, 221 classes and 121 schools participated in the TIMSS 2023 assessment taking the digital test in mathematics and science while 1 950 students from 106 schools participated in ICILS 2023 assessment.

The data collected in the TIMSS 2023 survey (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) will provide a better insight into the students’ approach to solving problems in mathematics and research tasks in science, as well as into the strategies used and the effort put into testing. This information will be included in the TIMSS 2023 international report to improve understanding of student achievement in mathematics and science.

ICILS 2023 (International Computer and Information Literacy Study) data will show students’ skills in collecting and producing digital information, that is, the level of their information literacy and their understanding of the safe and appropriate use of digital information. It will also present data on the activities and attitudes of students regarding the use of computers in school and extracurricular contexts in which their computer and information literacy is developed.

The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education takes this opportunity to thank all who have helped implementation of TIMSS 2023 and ICILS 2023 studies!