The standards of student achievement for the area of engineering and IT technology are a new contribution of the Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education to improving the quality of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The entire process of defining student achievement standards required intensive cooperation with active practitioners and consultants from the teaching process, as well as conducting public debates during which the entire professional public could express their remarks and suggestions on the newly created document.

The development and application of the specified standard in schools will enable the creation of a common vision of the expected level of quality and quantity of knowledge and skills in engineering and IT technology that students should acquire upon completion of a certain level of education.

The standards for the area of engineering and IT technology not only provide a basis on which to assess student success in achieving the expected level of achievement, but are also a key tool in establishing, communicating, realizing, and evaluating student achievement related to engineering and IT technology in schools.

In general, the application of student achievement standards in teaching practice enables more efficient and high-quality educational work, more reliable evaluation of results, objectivity of school evaluation, as well as comparability of school evaluations.

*Standards of student achievement are available here, but only in local languages.