A workshop for the professional development of the eTwinning State Support Organizations was held on 13-15 September in Brussels. The workshop was attended by representatives of all member countries of the eTwinning community, including representatives of the eTwinning State Support Organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which operates within the Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education.
During the three-day workshop, participants had the opportunity to listen to experts in the field of education in the European context, participate in networking activities and be part of a panel discussion on the topic “Quality in eTwinning projects”.

In addition to the mentioned activities, three thematic sessions were organized:

  • Pedagogy: eTwinning schools, Quality Labels and professional development
  • Increasing the visibility and recognition of activities in European platforms for school education
  • Practical work on inclusion and engaging in the activities of specific groups in eTwinning activities.

This was the first meeting of the teams of the State Support Organizations on site since 2019, which will certainly contribute to better work and development of eTwinning in Bosnia and Herzegovina.