The international survey TIMSS 2019 was administered in period 21.05. – 13.06. 2019.  in primary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The survey included 178 primary schools, 336 classes and more than 6,000 fourth-grade pupils.

Upon the TIMSS 2019 main survey administration, completed was the process of scoring the TIMSS 2019 constructed response items.

The scoring procedure, established by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement was conducted under the supervision of a core TIMSS team of the Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and secondary Education, responsible for implementing the TIMSS survey in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In accordance with the IEA procedures, the scorers signed the TIMSS Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Statement, participated in the scoring training sessions and then scored the student responses on constructed response items in 14 different test booklets. The entire scoring process was completed in twenty days.

The scoring process was followed by the cross-country reliability scoring (The cross-country scoring reliability study – CCSRS) that gives an indication of how reliable the scoring is from country to country. The cross-country reliability scoring was conducted using the IEA’s CodingExpert software provided by IEA Hamburg. The same set of student responses in English was scored by all participating countries. In BiH, the cross-country reliability scoring was completed in four days.