The common core defined on the learning outcomes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the basic document for determining the development of educational systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina from pre-school to the end of secondary education, was presented to the public at the conference held in Mostar on 28.11.2018.

A six-year process of developing the common core defined on learning outcomes was realized in period 2012-2018, resulting in 18 documents. The wide-ranging document is intended for the competent educational institutions as a basis for further development of the comprehensive developmental programs for preschool education, curricula for primary education and gymnasiums, and syllabi for general subjects in secondary vocational education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A prompt revision of the existing curricula upon the developed CCC defined on learning outcomes will surely contribute to quality education based on the competence approach. The document will also serve as the basis for equal participation of BiH in international studies towards harmonizing the education systems in BiH with international standards.

The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education conducted the process of defining learning outcomes in cooperation with the ministries of education and pedagogical institutes, with participation of 343 members of the working groups and 18 experts from the EU and overseas countries.

Over the past six years, the importance of developing the CCC defined on learning outcomes was recognized and supported by the: UNICEF, Save the Children International, OSCE Mission to BiH, US Embassy in BiH, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), GIZ Office in BiH, Centre for Media Development and Analysis, Youth Communication Centre Banja Luka, and Infohouse Foundation.

The publication of the extensive document was supported by the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation while, on this occasion, HE Mr. Hideyuki Sakamoto, Ambassador of Japan to BiH, expressed his hope that the competent ministries of education will continue to work on improving the existing curricula in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of public education in BiH.