Within the ‘Implementation of the EU Program for Adult Education’ activities, a two-member delegation from the Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education visited Slovenia. On the first day, 24 October 2018, in the organization of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, the delegation attended the annual conference of the EPUO program in Maribor. Namely, Slovenia has been participating in the two programs since 2014 and this presented an opportunity to share good practices from the previous period. The EPUO program actualizes various topics in the field of adult education and one panel was dedicated to the topic ‘Old Gays Say Yes to Community’. The delegation also learned about the novelties in creating a strategy for the skills with the OECD support, for the period up to 2030.

On the second day, organized was a visit to the People’s University in Slovenska Bistrica. The People’s University is a public institution, a national university offering different types of education and training. The basic activity of the institute is to educate adults not included in the regular and university education. At the meeting, various topics were discussed: types of programs, participants, participants in adult education programs, types of non-formal education, ways of using EU funds, participation in projects and networking with the local community, associations and other service providers.