The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education, based on the developed Common Core Curricula defined on the learning outcomes for all general education subjects until the end of secondary education, also developed the standards of student achievement for 3rd, 6th and 9th grade of primary school and for the end of secondary education. The defined standards of learning achievement in mathematics, mother tongue and science include all the subjects accentuated in the international education surveys. In addition, developed have been the standards of student achievement in history.

Throughout the process of revising and defining the standards of student achievement, the Agency worked intensively with experts from the teaching process. The standards are formulated as concrete and operational statements on what a student knows and can do, and they are defined through expert assessment on necessary and desirable achievement at three levels – basic, intermediate and advanced. The levels of the learning standards describe the requirements of diverse difficulty, cognitive complexity and volume of knowledge, and each subsequent level implies how the student has mastered the knowledge and skills from the previous one.

In the forthcoming period, following the process of implementation of the Common Core Curricula by the competent ministries of education, the Agency plans to assess the developed expert standards of student achievement by external evaluation.

Student achievement standards are available only in local languages and you can download them HERE.