In the period 4 – 6 October, NSS EPALE North Macedonia hosted an EPALE Regional training and networking event for EPALE ambassadors in Skopje. The event was organized as a part of the on-going regional cooperation component within EPALE, and it was attended by EPALE ambassadors and NSS team members from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosna and Hercegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

In the context of the European Year of Skills, this regional peer-learning event was aimed at strengthening the network of EPALE ambassadors, exploring the potential in represented skills, exchanging experiences, knowledge and good practice examples in the region. Supporting the multilingualism of the platform, all participants were invited to use their own language during the event, which, even challenging due to many differences, proved to be a strong connecting element.
The three working days were based on three EPALE thematic focuses in 2023. The first day was dedicated to ENGAGE – getting to know each other. The workshop was dedicated to a guided set of interactive exercises which aimed at getting to know each other, the importance of teamwork and defining expectations.

During the second day a panel discussion was held on the topic EMPOWER. National ambassadors exchanged examples of good practice and shared experiences of working with hard-to-reach target groups. Ambassadors from the countries involved had the opportunity to share their personal motivation techniques and tools in a very practical and concrete manner.

The third day was dedicated to the topic INCLUDE. The strong sides of national teams in terms of skills of ambassadors were explored, as well as possible areas in which they might require certain support. The idea was to explore how ambassadors could support each other in the region, match skills and learn from more experienced ones.

Within the three intensive working days, a solid base for the future cooperation of EPALE ambassadors from the six countries was set with the great potential to be shaped and strengthened in the next EPALE cycle.