The regional meeting of the state/national TIMSS 2023 Coordinators of the Dinaric countries that make up the “Dinaric perspective” was held 5-7 March, 2024 in Bratislava, Slovakia. In addition to representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the regional meeting was also attended by representatives of North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The meeting was hosted by representatives of the International Association for the Evaluation of Student Achievements (IEA).

The objectives of the meeting were:
– Comparison of the implementation of TIMSS 2019 and TIMSS 2023
– Evaluation of differences in assessment methods
– Current issues and contexts of data collection
– Reporting processes

The topics of the meeting included an excerpt from the TIMSS 2019 Report, methods of reporting, oversights and risks, and the exchange of experiences and examples of positive practice with the aim of improving TIMSS 2023 reporting.
The participants first received practical training on how to adequately prepare data for sending. Then, they discussed the ways of using data at the national level and the plans for TIMSS 2023 Report developing. Also, they talked through the template for TIMSS 2023 Report and all accompanying materials needed for reporting process. Throughout the process, expected is the continuous IEA support for the preparation of the report and the publication of the results.
The task of the TIMSS teams in the coming period is to prepare the reports and review the obtained materials (Almanac) for the needs of international and state/national reports. Upon completion of all stated activities, each country is to give an opinion and clarification on the process of participating in the TIMSS 2027 survey.
The next meeting of the TIMSS 2023 national coordinators is scheduled March 18 – 22, 2024, in Lisbon, Portugal.