The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education has presented a media campaign entitled: ‘Education for the New Era’ to the visitors of the European Researchers’ Night in 2019.

The campaign aims to encourage a dialogue on the quality of education by advocating for changes in education based on the objective results of the international education surveys.

Indeed, this school year is of special significance for the education in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the results of the large-scale international survey PISA 2018 will be presented on 3 December 2019 to the public hence the 15-year-olds students from BiH participated in this study for the very first time. The event will present a unique opportunity for the public and education authorities in BiH to obtain credible and internationally measurable indicators of student achievement crucial for continuous monitoring and improvement of education.

Besides, the visitors of the European Researchers’ Night in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Brcko were able to learn more about the importance of the international education surveys and had the opportunity to win prizes in the  wheel of fortune and knowledge and student quiz.

The media campaign Education for the New Era is implemented by the Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education with the support of following partners: U.S. Embassy in BiH, UNICEF BiH, EU Delegation to BiH, OSCE Mission to BiH, Save the Children International and Open Society Foundation.

You can follow and join the campaign ‘Education for the New Era’ on the Facebook page.