The implementation of international surveys may seem very easy when all procedures are summarized and explained in ten steps as shown in the video, but each of these steps has several goals, activities, procedures and standards that should be followed in the overall process of participating in international survey.


The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina (APOSO), responsible for the implementation of international surveys in Bosnia and Herzegovina, adhered to all prescribed rules and procedures and applied them during the implementation of international surveys. The appointed APOSO teams managed to administer TIMSS 2023 and ICILS 2023 regardless of a large number of repeated difficulties that occurred during the administration process (lack of financial and human resources, political decisions, not meeting the deadlines, etc.).

The 2023 cycle provides the participating countries with a unique opportunity to simultaneously participate in the TIMSS and ICILS surveys, leading to the parallel collection of data from both studies and providing a more comprehensive view and a more detailed understanding of learning outcomes. While ICILS measures students’ computer literacy skills, TIMSS uses an electronic approach to assess mathematic and science achievement. Participation in both surveys gives the possibility of linking the learning outcomes

The publication of the international report/research results for the ICILS 2023 survey is on November 20, 2024, while the publication of the international report/research results for the TIMSS 2023 survey is planned for December 4, 2024.

Until then, each participating country is still working on database reviewing and cleaning, the received data reviewing and updating, and data entry for new survey forms and country reports. All data is under complete EMBARGO in each participating country until the final publication of the international results.

Those preparations require additional commitments, material resources and support from all participants in the international surveys. Of course, in this process, enormous support is also expected from all stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily from the representatives of the educational authorities, so the published results/objective indicators can be used for improving the quality of education systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Accurate and detailed public information is of great importance for the entire survey process and we call on the media to provide adequate and timely media support, with continuous update of relevant information and standardized informing and publishing principles throughout the process.