What’s your story of transformation and empowerment? How has Adult learning and education changed your life?

Adult learning and education enables individuals and social groups to gain power over their environment and destiny. Participation in adult education (whether formal, non-formal or informal) can empower individuals, equipping them with new tools and opportunities, increasing their self-confidence and capacity to find employment, and to take control of their destinies.

That is how adult education enables people to develop awareness of themselves and their environment, and ultimately encourage them to be active players in their social role. 

From the individual’s perspective to the societal one, Adult learning has the power to impact communities, to shape them, and to collectively play a role for development. While fostering personal empowerment, it promotes social engagement and contributes to societal positive changes.

So, what’s your story of transformation and empowerment? How has adult learning and education changed your life? How has it rewritten your destiny? Or how has it changed the lives of your students?

The stories will be published on EPALE and compiled in a digital publication, the EPALE Community Storybook.

Eligibility: all EPALE users are welcome to share their stories
Submission dates: 8 April 2024 – 31 July 2024
Visual materials: Images and links to videos are welcome
How to participateFill out the webform and share your story!