The Seminar for coordinators of the project Implementation of the EU Program for Adult Education was held on 25-26.2. 2019, in the Hague. The seminar was attended by Dr. Siniša Gatarić, Agency Deputy Director and Biljana Popović, Project Coordinator.

The theme of the seminar was the cooperation of various stakeholders and providers in the adult education system, especially those dealing with the basic adult skills. The aim of the two-day work was to exchange experience, better understand the ways and organization of the stakeholder cooperation network, and understand the strategies that will enable the improvement and sustainability of the collaborative networks. The participants had the opportunity to hear about examples of good practice, discuss various types of cooperation at local, regional and national levels, and talk over success factors and challenges in working with stakeholders, service providers and educational authorities.

On the second day of the seminar, organized was a visit to the library in Zoetermeer municipality. The work of this library also includes the training of adults with the low level of knowledge in basic skills.