After a two-year break, the CIVITAS Education Centre for Democracy and Human Rights held its 22nd Annual Conference on Civic Education.

The conference on integrated, inclusive education and innovated CIVITAS school programs for the development of civic competencies of primary and secondary school students was held 25 – 27 March 2022 in Neum.

The conference program was attended by 130 educators, experts, researchers and representatives of education authorities from across the country. The participants were addressed by CIVITAS Executive Director Sandra Sladaković, who expressed gratitude for 25 years of partnership, then by CIVITAS program manager, Ivana Kešić, who spoke about the digital transformation of CIVITAS teacher training and development programs, online platform CIVITAS civic education school programs and a new pedagogical approach to educating active and responsible citizens in the digital age of democracy. Also, the CIVITAS Assembly President Alija Lapo addressed the attendees.

Given the CIVITAS has defined the education based on learning outcomes to be an educational imperative in our country, and with the Common Core Curricula (CCC) recognized as a legally binding, professionally essential and valuable framework for development of education , the conference was also addressed by the Director of the Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education Ms Maja Stojkić. She spoke about the learning outcomes, CCC for civic education, social sciences and other learning areas as well as about the effectiveness of BiH school systems in educating students to gain functional knowledge and competencies for lifelong learning.
The entire program concluded with a formal reception on the occasion of 25 years of CIVITAS school programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.