The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education, in the role of the State Service for eTwinning Support in BiH, is organizing the Sixth Annual eTwinning Conference entitled ‘If it were easy to be a teacher, everyone would be a teacher! The two last days of the conference (8 – 9 October, 2020.) were held in a virtual environment, aimed at promoting the quality of distance learning, the practice of sustainable teaching, and the education of future teachers.

This is the sixth year that Bosnia and Herzegovina has been actively participating in one of the most successful European initiatives in the field of education – eTwinning. The program is intended for international cooperation and training of teaching and non-teaching staff from pre-school thru secondary education.

During the ceremonial conference, the winners of the eTwinning Prizes in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2019/2020 year will receive the awards. The eTwinning Prizes are the highest recognition for successful participation in eTwinning projects awarded to the best eTwinning Ambassador, most distinguished eTwinner, most innovative eTwinner, then eTwinners who have received the European Quality Label, and the eTwinning schools with the highest points.

The coronavirus crisis, ravaging the whole world, has brought to the fore all the weaknesses of our education systems, but also emphasized the importance of motivated and professional teachers. The ultimate goal of eTwinning is to improve the quality of project work and raise the awareness of education authorities on the importance of involving teachers in the project activities and connecting educational institutions towards acquiring specific knowledge and skills that would ensure success and improvement of student achievements. To this end, this year’s conference will focus efforts on integrating eTwinning projects into the curriculum, motivating students and teachers, and improving the work of educational institutions and teams.