In accordance with the cooperation agreement, as a local partner of the EQET SEE project, the Agency for Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been implementing activities at the regional and BiH level since 2022.

Within the first component of the EQET SEE project (VET component), the process of development of the occupational standard Agricultural technician of organic unconventional production and the qualification standard Agricultural technician of organic and conventional production was fully completed. The activities on drafting (writing) the Locksmith occupational standard and the Locksmith qualification standard have also been completed while the overall development process is currently in its final phase. As part of the regional activities developed were guidelines for the implementation of the teaching and training process (at school and in the company) and the learning material with examples, in accordance with the developed standards.

As part of the second project component, Improving the Quality of Education, the Questionnaire for Assessing the Needs of External Evaluators in Terms of Training was completed, which will be available in three official languages in BiH. The publication of Good European Practices in the Implementation of External Evaluation Methodologies has been developed as a result of the analysis of existing external evaluation methodologies in Southeast Europe and the Republic of Moldova, as well as the mapping of European good practices that can contribute to further improvement of the external evaluation process.

The development of a regional training program for external evaluators is underway, which is based on the regional Competency Standard for External Evaluators and an analysis of the training needs of external evaluators.

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