The  Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education, along  with representatives of about 60 countries involved in the TIMSS 2023 survey, participated in the 6th TIMSS 2023 NRC meeting on February 26 – March 3 2023 in Prague.

The aim of the meeting was to determine the rules and procedures of scoring the students’ answers and how to organize the training for scorers. The participants received the Scoring Guide with a series of examples and practical exercises as well as the materials for all scoring procedures. Also, analysed were mathematics and science example items for fourth grade and approaches to organizing the work of scorers.

In addition, the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the meetings organized for the representatives of the regional countries as well as the meeting for prospective participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Longitudinal Survey TIMSS 2024.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the countries of the region: Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo* and Bosnia and Herzegovina to report on the performed activities and future plans related to the implementation of the TIMSS 2023 survey. Addressed were also the problems and ambiguities related to the implementation of TIMSS 2023. Exchanged were experiences and suggestions on possible useful solutions for all participating countries while discussed were possibilities on additional support in realizing the survey.

The meeting was hosted by representatives of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievements (IEA), an organization that provides constant support to participating countries in implementing the international surveys in education. All participating countries are expected to share materials and provide mutual selfless assistance in implementing the TIMSS 2023 survey.

*This designation does not call into question the positions on the status, and is in accordance with Security Council Resolution 1244/1999 and the Opinion of the ICJ on the declaration of Kosovo’s independence.