The Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted an expert meeting on 25 and 26. 4. 2019 in Sarajevo. There, the delegates from CIDREE member countries exchanged ideas and experience on the implementation of learning outcomes in inclusive education. Participants were given insight into the ways and methods used by different countries to adapt education programs for children with special education needs. The meeting was attended by representatives of Estonia, France, Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The expert meeting provided a general overview of the existing situation in the field of inclusive education in participating countries and helped detect major obstacles that hinder inclusion and ways to support teachers understand and attain learning outcomes in inclusive education.

The meeting stirred a professional discussion on key factor for inclusive education successful implementation and exchange of good practice at the interactive workshop with thematic presentations.

The participants shared information on their education systems and inclusive education legislation and discussed ways and methods of adapting inclusive programs in their respective countries. Addressed were also indicators on inclusion implementation as well as indicators on the process of self-evaluation of schools.