The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education has signed the Agreement on Research, Professional and Technical Cooperation with the Center for Vocational Education of Montenegro. The signing of the agreement is the result of many years of successful cooperation between the two institutions that have a key role in developing vocational and adult education in their countries.

The Agreement on Research, Professional and Technical Cooperation was signed during the visit of the representatives of the Agency to Montenegro, realized on April 1-3, 2019.

The agreement embraces the cooperation in education area including scientific research, professional and technical assistance and implementation of various projects, activities and programs. It also addresses the improvement of the quality of work of both institutions, as well as increasing of the quality of vocational education and adult education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Apart from signing the agreement, the hosts organized the presentation of vocational education system in Montenegro, visit to the Maritime High School in Kotor, a licensed institution in the field of adult education, and visit to the Azalea Maritime Training Centre LLC, where Agency representatives got acquainted with the training of mariners.